Migration & Return: Carmel Millett-Trimble

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In this interview Carmel talks about moving from England to Ireland at and young age, and then returning to England for work in the 1980s. She later returned to Ireland during the Celtic Tiger with her children. Interview by Eve Millett-Trimble.

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Carmel talks about her life as a child in Nottingham

Carmel talks about her move from city life to rural Irish life

Carmel talks about the change she faced with moving to a rural area

Carmel talks about her education and employment opportunities that she received in Fethard

Carmel talks about why she decided to return to England in the 1980s

Carmel talks about moving to London and the differences between there and Ireland. She also talk talks about employment opportunities

Carmel talks about a brief move to where her husband came from.

Carmel talks about why she moved to Leeds to start her family

Carmel talks about the difference she and her children experienced in childhood in terms of education etc. She also talks about whether not she regrets moving back

Carmel talks about the differences she noticed in Ireland between a 20 year period. She also talks about moving a lot affected her own life

Carmel compares how the the rural life she experienced as a child has changed

Carmel talks how materialism has changed Ireland and possibly killed rural Irish life
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