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Types of Work

Nursing was a common path for Irish women to take over the course of the twentieth century.  Anna describes how she got the job initially and how she liked it, both in England and in Ireland. 

The life of a farmer

Jackie was a farmer all his life. His father was also a farmer before him. It was through his father's contacts that he got the job in the first place. Throughout the interview Jackie tells of how farming was a common career path for many men at that time. He decribes how people had to grow their own food in order to put food on the table for their familys. He explains the tough working hours and conditions of a farmer, with special reference to his father. In addition to this, Jackie explains the stigma that was associated with their family as being 'The Farmers'. He recalls times when he and his siblings got into fights over this nickname and how they didn't like the name. Jackie goes on to explain how he and his family grew to love this new nickname and how it is now an affectionate term for him and his family, which has made him a notorious figure in the community.

Working the farm

Joan shares how it wasn't uncommon for women to be running the day to day operations of a farm at the time contrary to commonly held perceptions.

Joan O' Regan Interview Part 1, [11:27]

Starting off at work

Grace discusses how she progressed through the various lines of work within O'Donovan's. It was important to her manager that she was trained by him, as she could be taught to suit the needs of his business. Interestingly, she was the first girl to work there who was not a member of the family who owned the shop. As she stayed working in the shop, she gained more responsibility as an office working, but still under the watchful eye of her employer.

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Types of Work