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in the army.mp3
Con describes his experience in the army and how it helped him grow as a person.

why he joined army.mp3
Con describes how he grew tired of labour work on the farms and wanted to join the army. despite being under-age he found a way into the army.

work in ireland.mp3
Con discusses his experience working on the farms during the 1950s as a teenager.

part 12.mp3
Carmel talks how materialism has changed Ireland and possibly killed rural Irish life

part 11.mp3
Carmel compares how the the rural life she experienced as a child has changed

part 10.mp3
Carmel talks about the differences she noticed in Ireland between a 20 year period. She also talks about moving a lot affected her own life

part 9.mp3
Carmel talks about the difference she and her children experienced in childhood in terms of education etc. She also talks about whether not she regrets moving back

Con (b.1950) discusses what like in Ireland was like during his childhood in Ireland, he then continues to speck about his experience in primary school.

part 8.mp3
Carmel talks about why she moved to Leeds to start her family

part 7.mp3
Carmel talks about a brief move to where her husband came from.

part 6.mp3
Carmel talks about moving to London and the differences between there and Ireland. She also talk talks about employment opportunities

part 5.mp3
Carmel talks about why she decided to return to England in the 1980s

part 4.mp3
Carmel talks about her education and employment opportunities that she received in Fethard

part 3.mp3
Carmel talks about the change she faced with moving to a rural area

part 2.mp3
Carmel talks about her move from city life to rural Irish life

Carmel talks about her life as a child in Nottingham

Part 6.mp3
Kathleen describes her experience emigrating to England immediately after completing her training as a doctor in UCC. She describes the differences between working in England and Ireland. She recounts her experience trying to find work as a married…

Part 5.mp3
In this segment, Kathleen touches upon the nature of both studying for, and participating in, exams in university at this time. She also describes the status of women doctors in Ireland at the time.

Part 4.mp3
Kathleen describes the various social outlets available to women in the university at this time. She makes particular note of the organised dances that were held for the students on Sunday nights and how they formed the focal point of her social…

Part 3.mp3
Kathleen provides us with a picture of the social norms and conventions present in UCC such as public houses being exclusively male environments. She further reflects on the opportunity she possessed in going to college through her social class.
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