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london Bound and Work.mp3
Con describe how he got to London and the work he found while residing there.

part 5.mp3
Carmel talks about why she decided to return to England in the 1980s

part 2.mp3
Carmel talks about her move from city life to rural Irish life

Part 6.mp3
Kathleen describes her experience emigrating to England immediately after completing her training as a doctor in UCC. She describes the differences between working in England and Ireland. She recounts her experience trying to find work as a married…

Phil Spellman Interview Part 4.mp3
Phil Spellman talks about her working life after university where she emigrated to England and the United States only to return to Ireland where she spent most of her working life.

Part 8_ Emigration.mp3
Mary speaks briefly on her family experience with emigration


Part 9_ Illness and effects of emmigration.mp3
Grace discusses her childhood illness of asthma and how it may have effected her behavior in life. She goes on to mention her interaction with illnesses in Cork as a young teen. Grace talks about the effects emigration had on her life and that of her…

Jackie begins by telling of his siblings emigrating. He continues by talking about his major health scare and emphasises how lucky he is to be alive. Photograph courtesy of Deirdre Kerins. It is a picture Jackie's nephew painted of Jackie on his…

John discusses his family life. He talks about how emigration and religion factored in his family. Also, he mentions the type of social life that existed when he was growing up.

Joan discusses emigration within the family and her experience with early education.
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