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Jackie discusses his horse and trap, which is a famous sight in Killarney town. He speaks about what transport was available and use in Kerry from the 1920's onwards.

Jackie who is 101 years of age, begins by discussing his family life and childhood. In this he speaks about topics such as school, living conditions and religion. The photo is of Jackie himself signing his consent form. It was taken in Jackie's…

Maura tells us what transport was like in Dublin and that there was only one phone in her area growing up. She also recalls the Dublin Bombings and the rations during the Emergency.

John Coffey speaks of his working life. He was first a rent collector with his father, which required him to travel a lot on his bike. He also discusses his job in Killarney as a welfare officer with the local council

John Coffey Childhood.mp3
John talks about growing up in the 1920's. He discussed his childhood, school, and social conditions.
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