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part 7.mp3
Carmel talks about a brief move to where her husband came from.

Part 6.mp3
Kathleen describes her experience emigrating to England immediately after completing her training as a doctor in UCC. She describes the differences between working in England and Ireland. She recounts her experience trying to find work as a married…

Part 1.mp3
Kathleen talks about her early life and her education prior to university. She describes the requirements necessary for entrance into Medicine in the 1940s and the process of applying.

Part 5_ Marriage & moving to self-employment.mp3
Mary speaks of getting married, the social norms associated with it and her husband's work

Joan talks about meeting her future husband.


Part 7_ relationships and independence.mp3
Grace talks about her friendships and romantic relationships, how she never got married and why she did not want to lose her independence. She speaks of how she preferred to on her own.

Maura tells us about the first job she had after leaving school. She tells us about her husband and that she left work after marrying, like most other women, and raised a family. We are told about her grandchildren and her own grandparents. The…

John discusses his family life. He talks about how emigration and religion factored in his family. Also, he mentions the type of social life that existed when he was growing up.
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