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Early Life.mp3
Joan discusses her early life and family history.

Move in with Aunts.mp3
Joan discusses her responsibilities as a young woman and taking care of her extended family

Joan discusses emigration within the family and her experience with early education.

John Coffey Childhood.mp3
John talks about growing up in the 1920's. He discussed his childhood, school, and social conditions.

Part 1_ Family Life & early days.mp3
Grace describes her parents and her earliest childhood memories. She speaks of where her family lived, in Cork and in Southern England.

John Coffey speaks of his working life. He was first a rent collector with his father, which required him to travel a lot on his bike. He also discusses his job in Killarney as a welfare officer with the local council

John discusses his family life. He talks about how emigration and religion factored in his family. Also, he mentions the type of social life that existed when he was growing up.

Maura tells us about her family and what her childhood was like growing up on the North Circular Rd, near the Pheonix Park in Dublin. We are told about the neighbourhood she grew up in, the importance of religion at the time, and her time in school.…

Maura tells us about the first job she had after leaving school. She tells us about her husband and that she left work after marrying, like most other women, and raised a family. We are told about her grandchildren and her own grandparents. The…

Maura tells us what transport was like in Dublin and that there was only one phone in her area growing up. She also recalls the Dublin Bombings and the rations during the Emergency.

Jackie who is 101 years of age, begins by discussing his family life and childhood. In this he speaks about topics such as school, living conditions and religion. The photo is of Jackie himself signing his consent form. It was taken in Jackie's…

Jackie tells us about his life as a farmer. In this he also reveals the history behind the name 'The Farmer'.

Jackie begins by telling of his siblings emigrating. He continues by talking about his major health scare and emphasises how lucky he is to be alive. Photograph courtesy of Deirdre Kerins. It is a picture Jackie's nephew painted of Jackie on his…

Jackie recalls some of the instances where he has experienced the 'next world' and the 'dead' appearing to him. He, also, tells us of his travels to religious countries all over the world. The photo that is attached is of Jackie and his wife with…

Jackie discusses his horse and trap, which is a famous sight in Killarney town. He speaks about what transport was available and use in Kerry from the 1920's onwards.

Jackie discusses the type of living conditions that existed while he was growing up, mentioning the 'fair days' and what activities they did with the limited means they had

Jackie recites a poem that he frequently recites at many of the rambling houses in Killarney and the neighbouring towns.


Anna talks about her childhood in Liscarroll, Co. Cork. She recalls the house she grew up in and her parents. The picture above which was provided by Anna is of her at four years of age (bottom right), her parents and sister.

Anna talks about her childhood in Liscarroll Co. Cork. She recalls the house she grew up in and her parents. The picture above which was provided by Anna is of her (bottom right), her parents and sister.

Anna talks about her experience in education and how her main ambition in life was to be a nurse. The picture above was supplied by Anna and is of herself at the age of seventeen.
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